Debra's Original Art work can be viewed  at the  Old Railway Station Gallery Pomona, Queensland.   Buy copies direct on the internet by going to  redbubble and get your art work delivered to your home. click on the  Red Bubble page link  above. Add some bliss to your life by having this colourful art in your home.

Debra's art comes from the heart, full of energy  and emotion.  Enjoy viewing this work as it is her way of sharing her life stories with you.

Happy Little Elephant.  Prints, stickers, magnets, pillow case or tote bag.  at  Red Bubble and Pomona Gallery.

Beloved,  Prints available on Redbubble

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                                                                     Dream Boy        90cm x 90cm       Mixed Media   original     $1500

Detail photo from ' Ladies with red chairs"  Original Oil Painting 120 cm x 100cm, $1500. Contact Debra

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